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Magic from the Goldsmith’s Workshop?

Playfully graceful and simultaneously deceptive, amazingly baffling and above all entertaining--thus comes to us through hundreds of generations--the art of magic.

The interest of an audience in secret tricks that simply are not possible, yet suddenly in defiance of   reason made possible through the capabilities of the magician, has never diminished.  Violating the laws of science and outwitting the wisdom of academia have always given people a child-like joy.

Finely crafted magic pieces made out of bronze, silver, and rare woods--guarded by our grandfathers as precious trinkets--arrived on the scene on the tables of the “salon societies” of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and baffled people’s eyes by their simple elegance and thier demonstrability in such close proximity.

The first magician to produce such magic devices for jugglers and magicians was an English man by the name of Henry Dean.  He completed his training as a gold and silversmith, distinguished himself as the author of The Whole Art of Legerdemain or Hocus Pocus in Perfection, a book that was published in 1722, and ran a small shop near the sentry post on Tower Hill selling magic props made out of bronze, silver and rare woods.

Many famous magicians like Bert Allerton and Dr. Jaks, a native German who emigrated to the United States of America, dedicated their entire existence to micromagic.  Both of them worked their magic in the most exquisite hotels in New York, Hollywood, and Chicago, and entertained their audiences with valuable, yet graceful and secret, magic apparatuses.  Dr. Jaks, for example, had in his possession “The Book of Secrets,” a precious, book-shaped wooden box, in which his magic pieces were placed in their own separate quarters.

Once, an enthusiastic woman stood across from him, maintaining that she had always hated magic, but that these lovely little devices of his had so completely overtaken her that she was now miraculously enchanted by magic.

We at Pywacked Magic have taken it upon ourselves to save somewhat the flair of the past from today’s fast-paced world by reintroducing this old tradition.

All that remains to be said can be captured in a quote from the great actor and magician, Orson Wells, when he said, “To take away the miraculous from magic would be just as devastating as robbing music of its sound.”